The main technique on which we base the treatment of our patients is manual therapy, with occasional support in certain resources for mechanical work, such as dry needling or electromodulation of pain.

The use of manual therapy is justified by the influence that pressure, contact or mobilization can exert; that have a mechanical part on the tissue, an influence on the nervous system and a circulatory part.

For the more mechanical part (specific pain due to use, overload, posture, etc.) it provides us with information on the texture of the tissue, on the tension or on the muscle tone that the patient may have, enabling the professional to make decisions to achieve the balance in muscular tensions and that the structures are more comfortable.

What is in the mind our body expresses

Repetitive (or chronic) injuries speak of our personality, of the way we do things. Tension, stress or daily effort is expressed with some kind of stiffness, injury or lack of tone. We use the muscles as crutches and, as such, we rely on them in our daily work.

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Manual therapy allows us to actively listen to the tissue or joints of our patient and by perceiving, for example, greater stiffness or mobility as the case may be, valuable information is obtained that allows us to let ourselves go when performing the most suitable technique using different mobilizations.

These mobilizations can be visceral, when the influence is greater from the nervous system; or other more structural techniques, with manipulations to make a mobilization that can be peripheral, cervical or spinal joint. These latest techniques also give us access to the nervous system that influences each area. The nervous system, in the end, is the one that will regulate muscle tone the most.

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